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Illinois medicine and morality!!!!!!!

Tim Egan, CEO at Roseland Hospital, recently stated that  the state has a  "moral obligation" to fund health care, even thou there is not, a mandatory, balanced budget. That people will die because of potential layoffs. Thank you for clarifying the medical professions definition of morality, no money, die.

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Illinois, the beat goes on.

Governor Rauner is trying,and the establishment continues to avoid there legal, moral and ethical responsibilities. Not only does the State need a constitutional amendment of a two term elected maximum limit, we need to eliminate all ,pensions for elected officials  and an act requiring that after there political expectations are exhausted all remaining election fund [...]

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Respect the Uniform

Stopped to purchase gas last night, as I was tanking up a bright red, suburban size truck pulled in, I noticed Firefighter plates, extra antenna's, some type of computer mounted off the dash, put no other markings. Driver was an older man, overweight and a older female passenger, presumably his wife. My guess would be [...]

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Illinois Commerce Commission

Today I received my ComEd bill, complete with increased charges. on a $220 bill we pay $66 for delivery and $37 in taxes/programs. Governor Rauner I would like to offer my series to the Illinois Commerce Commission, I will not needlessly allow them to receive rate increase to pay for what the citizens of this [...]

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Banksters !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have an account with one of the larger middle American banks, on 22 Dec. we mailed a check to Phoenix, on 25 Dec. I checked my balance and the check had not been posted, on 26 Dec. I checked my account and the check was posted on 24 Dec., amazing how the money is [...]

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More Lies!!!

Just went to the website for medical coverage, you all know the "affordable" one. Guess our elected officials have forgotten what the word "affordable" means to those of us that must pay the bill. After all, they get everything at no expense and keep whatever they can steal. Regardless, the premium, $410 per month, 6K [...]

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