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Respect the Uniform

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Stopped to purchase gas last night, as I was tanking up a bright red, suburban size truck pulled in, I noticed Firefighter plates, extra antenna's, some type of computer mounted off the dash, put no other markings. Driver was an older man, overweight and a older female passenger, presumably his wife. My guess would be a member of a volunteer or rural area department. Regardless, he starts pumping gas, engine running, then as he is wiping off the headlights, his cell phone rings and he begins talking. Well needless to say, leaving the truck running is a major risk, speaking on the cell phone another. My point, if you would like to be respected then act accordingly, you are no better then the rest of us and should set an example, not display a feeling of priority. This also apply's to the cargo vans that speed on the tollway, displaying FF plates, for people with side company's, obey the law, think!!!!!!!!!!!

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