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Advertising----or extortion??????

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Had a call today from a sales person from Yelp, trying to get me to sign up for a package with a possible cost of $15 per day. Problem is that when I searched "coin dealer" Elgin, Il. Northern Illinois Coin did not even show up on the first two pages of stores that Yelp listed, and I am the only coin dealer in Elgin with a store front. Response was that they list dealers in the Chicago area, even though I had typed in Elgin, guess that in the mind of the "Yelp" group if you not pay us we do not list you, so much for me ever using there site again. They also do not have a listing for "coin dealer" on there drop down for a free listing, I am a" hobby shop" as that is the closest option. I can only assume that "coin dealer" is a dollar added listing. Free sites are nice, but truthful sites are even better, Yelp is financiaaly driven, being accurate is secondary.

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