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My $2.45 Economic Impact Payment

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Friday I received my check from the US Treasury, $2.45. I am at a loss whether to be  insulted or amused, I will have to try to find out how the Treasury arrived at this amount however it was diffidently not worth sending. I only hear of the $1200 payment that was allocated and the $600 monthly payment to the unemployed and wonder why I am so stupid that I would rather come to work then sit at home and probably receive more discretionary income then I receive by working. I do not look forward to the tax changes that will be coming so that those of us foolish enough to pay taxes will pay for these payments. The coronas virus has been devastating but paying for it will be much more intrusive then any of us have been cautioned about. I only hope that those receiving the benefits appreciate the toll on those that have not benefited from the governments gifts and will come forward and help revive our disrupted economy. I wish all to be healthy, we will need as many taxpayers as possible to recover from our governments actions.

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