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What we have done with the Ukraine invasion!!

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I cannot express my sorrow to the citizens of the Ukraine without expressing my regret. It is clear that the United Nations is a waste of money, that NATO is just another organization used to deter with intimidation and not action and that the US President lacks leadership abilities. We, the people of the not involved have allowed the creation of two decades of organized, educated, and very motivated terrorist's to be born. We can only hope that there need for revenge is only used against the major aggressor and not all the other parties that stood by and watched it all unfold. President Putin has, by his own actions threatened  world peace, the world food supply and the integrity of an independent country, while the entire world watched. I can only hope that the end results are not as severe for the rest of us as the actions of the Russian Federation. The lack of deceive action by the parties that are in place to protect us only proves there unwillingness to act. A great US military historian spoke about the inevitable threat of Soviet Union at the end of World War II, he was assassinated for his comments, yet now we see that General Patton was spot on, and we all will need to decided on an outcome.

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