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More Lies!!!

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Just went to the website for medical coverage, you all know the "affordable" one. Guess our elected officials have forgotten what the word "affordable" means to those of us that must pay the bill. After all, they get everything at no expense and keep whatever they can steal. Regardless, the premium, $410 per month, 6K deductible, and no government assistance. That is 14% of my net income per month, a car payment, my 401k payment, going out for dinner once a week, I can only assume the "affordable" part only is meant for the insurance companies, and hospitals whom gather all the funds, and then of course the politicians that voted for this since the campaign contributions will continue to roll in. The American public, those of us that still pay taxes, we get the bill. America was a wonderful country to live in, when we were still free!!!!!!!!!!

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