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The Obama Legacy

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As a small business owner, I can only state, that in the forty years that I have been in business, I cannot remember, or associate with, any other  individual that has directly effected the ability of small business to prosper in this country, in such a negative manor, then our current President. The Affordable Heath Care Act directly has caused an unimaginable escalation in premiums that are forcing middle income family's to discontinue coverage because it is now unaffordable. The new overtime directive will force small business to adversely restrict the ability of current salaried employee's making 30-40 K per year, as many of the small concessions that were previously granted can no longer be extended under the new law. President Obama has, either out of complete ignorance, or very intentional malice, burdened the middle class with new expenses and potential hardship, with an apparent attempt to take away any hope of them bettering there lives. More importantly he has done this while neglecting his oath to protect the American Constitution. I did not vote for you, however I am forced to contend with your executive orders on a daily basis, and as middle "white" America is purposely destroyed, " God Bless America", someone has too.

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