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Run---- and do not look back!!!!!!!!!!!

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I received a letter in the mail, Illinois Dept. of Revenue. They are not allowing us to post a loss for our tax year of 2013 since they claim that we short filed the tax year 2003. Yes, 2003, so if you are foolish (stupid) enough to believe that we live in a free, none socialistic State, you are mistaken. The State of Illinois has been put into insolvency by the Democratic Party, that has had control of its legislature, and by the Unions that have produced the votes to keep the Democratic' s in power, and then by the corruption that has been tolerated. But if you are foolish enough to attempt to run a business in this State, run, do not walk, get the heck out, if you are part of the corruption, you are part of the solution, intimidation and extortion, by the people, for the people, the Democratic's. I have been in business since 1979, it is now time to let the Sate pay for my employee's, I can no longer afford the luxury, nor can I tolerate the extortion.

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