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I remember in the 80's when the Justice Department was patting each other on the back when the courts ruled that AT&T had a monopoly and they needed to spin off some of divisions, today AT&T has rebuild the same stranglehold on consumers across the US, my new two year contract has a 20% increase and guess what, same service same phone lines, just more money to be dispersed in bonuses and dividends. I just want to tell the Justice Department, once again, you have failed the American worker and the company's forced to pay these new charges since there are no other competitive offers available.

Today, 6 July 2017 it is announced that AT&T wants to discontinue land line service in Illinois, and that 19 other states have already agreed to this, what is wrong with this request??????????  

  Please remember that there is no legal protection for any information/conversation completed over the airways, there is also spotty reception and poor clarity. We have paid for these lines and now AT&T would like us to pay for a newer service, problem is that the money that was suppose to be spent on repair and renovation was spent on dividends and bonuses, and it will happen again. The current Illinois representatives, the Democratic Party and the Illinois unions have destroyed this State, and with their continued incompetence will make Detroit look good. As the small business's leave and the retired income relocates so do the people that pay the taxes. I guess that the Democratic party still believes that you can pay your bills with trust.

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