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"Morton's" THE STEAK HOUSE,a midwestern gem, destroyed by Texas greed!!!!

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The Morton's steakhouse chain was bought out by the Landry Group, to enhance their brand. Problem is that the billionaire that manages the group is only interested in acquiring more money, not maintaining the status of the chain. The systematic changes starting with opening up the resurants into oversize bars to changing the glassware to hold smaller servings and the latest changing the seafood cocktail sauce to ketchup, are just some of the changes that help the profitability of the chain while eliminating customer service. I had points missing on one visit and after over two weeks I called Houston, explanation, the computer could of been down, however no one had the time, or inclination to call, or answer my inquiry, and I am suppose to be a VIP member. What Texas greed forgets is that Mortons is an expensive account chain, and  the few regulars that they have, that pay there bill with there own money, are the people that make corporate choices, Mortons is no longer on my list. In metro Chicago we are very fortunate, we have choice's.

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