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WINTRUST COMMUNITY BANKING---where small business does not want to go!!

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We banked with First Community Bank of Elgin for years-- had our ups and downs however they would work with a business. Last year they were bought out, good for the stockholders, bad for the customers. Elgin State Bank was the "buyer" part of the Wintrust Group, the President of Elgin State Bank, a figure head (puppet) at best, is not business friendly. We have called Elgin State Bank phone numbers during "normal" business hours only to go to voicemail and never receive a return call, been forwarded to voicemail and even just given up. Today I called the telephone banking to discover that I was over drawn by .85 (eighty five cents) and was charged $35.00 for the overdraft fee. And the government wonders why we refer to the banking sector as "banksters". Hope that you appreciate the information-- it is free to you I have already paid for it.

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