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"Do Not Call List"

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Once again, a bone , thrown from our government, that serves no purpose except to create expense and surly filled with political hires. Why do I say this, my cell phone keeps ringing, I keep filing complaints and then the phone rings more, not less. If there are employee's at this governmental agency then they either need to prove there worth or all be fired. The problem with "Rachael" from card services ,now has created up to three calls in a day and all from different phone numbers. These companies cost the consumer time, money and aggravation, just like our government, the difference is they do not tell us that this site will help us and then provide no relief. If this agency is not going to help alleviate the plight of the consumer then they should be shut down immediately so our elected officials can waste the tax dollars elsewhere. I have three more reports to file tonight, again, thanks for all the help.

---I actually read an article that the FCC did close down several sites last year and collected millions in fines, so I must appolgize, prehaps the system is working, just much more behind the scenes then I knew about.

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